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The Herbalife Product Line

The Herbalife Product Line

Herbalife International's product line began with a line of weight loss products. Today the Herbalife offers a line of weight management products, energy and fitness products, targeted nutrition products and personal care products. Let's talk about them.

The Herbalife Surabaya weight management line is all about managing your weight though a high protein low carb diet. Their weight management program is personalized to your body type and can be used to lose weight, gain weight or maintain an ideal weight. The Herbalife weight management products combine cutting-edge science with protein shakes and snacks to help you achieve your goals.

The Herbalife energy and fitness line consists of their Liftoff energy drink, NRG - Natures Raw Guarana -which helps with mental alertness, Herbalife24 Rebuild designed for immediate and sustained muscle recovery and finally Herbalife24 Hydrate a product which provides a low calorie source of bio available electrolytes.

The Herbalife targeted nutrition line offers products for heart health, digestive health, a healthy immune system, as well is products to support stress management and products specifically designed for men and women.

The Herbalife heart health line was created to promote cardiovascular health and is endorsed by Dr. Lou Ignarro.

The Herbalife digestive health line of products helps with problems like heartburn, indigestion and constipation. They support healthy digestive and elimination so your inner system runs smoothly every day.

The Herbalife personal care line of products provide support for healthier skin and hair. Just as your body needs nutrition for optimal health your skin and hair needs support to keep them looking their best. This line of Herbalife products includes a body washes, gels, moisturizers, skin products for normal, oily or dry skin, shampoo and conditioners, is as well as a line of fragrances for both men and women.

Herbalife does not manufacture the majority of their product line rather they are contract manufactured for them. Herbalife then in turn sells them to their distributors who sell them to the end user. While the Herbalife products are generally good to high quality they are also high in price. Making it is very difficult for Herbalife distributors to maintain retail customers long-term. (Although Herbalife promises residual income how is residual income possible if long term retail customers do not exists?) As a result Herbalife distributors have a never ending need to locate new customers if they are to produce the personal volume necessary to earn their royalty and production bonus income.

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